Rusty Junior wants you to, “Claim Your Magnet”

Kia Ora to my Kiwi friends

Kenny and Kilohana returned from their first trip to New Zealand a few months ago.  New Zealand had been on their bucket list of places to go and it finally made it to the top. They called it a ‘let’s check this out” kind of visit expecting that they would like it and probably return at some other time .  It seems it went very well as they met up with my friends Andy and Janine and took them out to lunch at the Cafe at Kohi.  Andy and Janine visited Kalaekilohana Inn and Retreat last May and they were happy  to see the guys away from the inn.

New Zealand and Hawai’i

Aloha is to Hawai’i as Kia Ora is to New Zealand.  Like aloha,  kia ora is how the Maori, our indigenous Polynesian cousins in Aotearoa, New Zealand’s indigenous name, say hello.  Hawaii, and New Zealand make up two points of what is called the Polynesian triangle in the Pacific Ocean.  The third point is Easter Island or Rapanui to the native population.   People located within the triangle include, Samoa, Tahiti, the Cook Islands. Hawaii, New Zealand, Tonga and the Marquesas Islands to name a few.  Kia Ora like aloha can be used to say ‘hi’ as well as “goodbye”.

Here’s a big Kia Ora to my Kiwi friends!

Claim Your Magnet Munich

Magnet Selection Reason One

I love my European guests!  They love coming to “na kuahiwi”.  Kuahiwi means mountain and suggests living in the “mountains”.  It is really Hawaii’s way of saying you’re from the country. I get a lot of aloha from my European guests when they open my door and see all the good stuff I get stocked with. So I’m sharing a great magnet to honor all those lovely folks from Bavaria.

Magnet Selection Reason Two

Oktoberfest season is fast approaching and the guys will meet up with previous guests Tuukka and Sirkku in Munich.  I don’t think they’re going to stay out late. I did a little investigating and it turns out Oktoberfest dates back to 1810, when the Crown Prince Ludwig married Princess Therese of Saxony and they invited the whole town and had some horse races. Sounds like things took off from there when it was decided to hold the horse races again in 1811. As you can imagine, beer was an important part of the celebration, and the first beer tents were employed in 1896.

Claim Your Magnet

Remember to claim this magnet and be a winner! See you next time.

The Kalaekilohana Crab Shake

Rusty Junior’s Claim Your Magnet #1

Kenny and Kilohana just returned from San Francisco. I wasn’t invited. Apparently Alaska Airlines doesn’t allow refrigerators on their flights.

They were out there promoting the upcoming contest where you can enter to win a trip to Hawaii for 2 persons, including a 4 night stay at Kalaekilohana, airfare fare from a non-stop west coast gateway, and a credit for car rental. All you have to do is go to the contest page on the website and submit a photo of you letting Hawaii happen wherever you are. Easy- yeah!

Since I didn’t make the trip, I thought I would celebrate by posting my first few CLAIM YOUR MAGNET pics from San Francisco. We get a lot of great guests at Kalaekilohana from San Francisco. Being a fridge, I love food, so this first one was right up my alley.

Some Interesting Background

It turns out that Dungeness crab was once plentiful in the San Francisco Bay all the way to the shores of Oakland and Berkley. Immigrants to the area formed the backbone of the crabbing fleet throughout much of its history dating back over 125 years. Of course, people came from all over the world to enjoy them. Today, there is a season for Dungeness crab and the opening of the season can be quite an event at Fisherman’s Wharf.

The Pitch

So if you sent this magnet to me, here’s your chance to accept our thanks. Reply to my post, share a favorite Hawaii memory, and claim your magnet. The guys add a randomly selected credit of up to $100 to your portfolio that you can use on a future visit.

Guest Amenities at Kalaekilohana Inn & Retreat

Meet Mr. Magnet- Rusty Junior

I’m Rusty Junior, Your Magnet Superstar

Go to Rusty Jr. for your treats at Kalaekilohana Inn & Retreat

Go to Rusty Jr. for your treats at Kalaekilohana Inn & Retreat

Like my father before me, I’m your beverage host and storage partner. If you wanna chill, I’m your guy. So make sure to say hi after you get settled. I’ll be holding court just around corner, with a cold beverage for the taking. Yeah, that’s right. Help yourself. Mi nevera, su nevera. 🙂

I really like magnets

One other thing, I like magnets. I like getting magnets. I like getting magnets from around the world. I like getting magnets from around the world with the name of the place where you live.

I like it alot. I like it so much, I got my boss to knock ten bucks off your tab if you bring me one. Great savings! 😐

Okay, I don’t have that much influence and that was the best I could do, but think of the long term value. We’ll become friends. You’ll have a friend in Hawaii. I’ll show your magnet off to everyone. Say nice things about you. You’ll be stuck on me. Uhmm, that’s better than it sounds.

Get in the Game

So over the next several months, I’ll be doing what I always do. Chillin’ and sharin’ some stories. I’ll also be running a little game where folks that have stayed with us before can claim their magnet and win a little prize.

They just need to toss a photo onto the blog and, shazam!, they win. More about that later. I still have to work out the details with the boss.